Aerobics and Fitness


Instructor Profiles

Ahna Sadowski:

Ahna fell in love with group fitness while attending Syracuse University where she completed Masters' Degrees in Communication and Education. Ahna holds certifications in AFAA Group Exercise, LesMills BodyStep™, Zumba Fitness®, and is CPR/AED certified. Ahna attends many continuing education workshops and trainings each year to ensure participants get the most out of their workout. Ahna's goal for every class is that it is safe, fun, and effective!  Ahna loves teaching and it shows!  Each class is a memorable experience.  Come and experience it for yourself!

Anne Roberts:

Anne graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a B.S. in Civil Engineering.  After working as an engineer she discovered that, although very profitable, left her feeling unfulfilled.  Instead, she decided to pursue her love of fitness and deep desire to help people by becoming an ACE Certified Personal Trainer.  Anne has been a trainer for the past 13 years across the country from Montana to Maryland.  She has developed programs for a variety of people during this time, ranging from seniors to moms to kids.  Aside from training, Anne has also been a group exercise instructor teaching Lite Sculpt and Aerobics, Sports and Conditioning, Core class, Youth Fitness and Teen Strength Training.  She is excited to be a part of The Aerobics and Fitness Studio!

Kendra Vandergheynst:

If you have yet to try and dance your way into shape, you are seriously missing out! I am a life-long athlete with years of dance instruction behind me - Zumba is the blissful marriage of those two worlds! I have been attending Zumba classes since 2009. I decided to take my passion for Zumba to the next level and trained to become an instructor. In July 2012, I trained with the stellar Kelly Bullard to become licensed in Zumba Toning as well. In November 2012, I honed my skills in new world rhythms with the amazing Tony Witt and inspiring Gina Grant. Add Zumba CORE and Zumba GLUTES to all of the above and you are in for a seriously awesome workout when you join me for a dance party! I am ecstatic to bring Zumba to a room full of folks who are ready to take care of themselves - anyone can do it and I am prepared to show you how.

Kim Davidson:

Kim graduated from UCLA with a Business and Economics degree and has been actively involved in the fitness industry for 29 years. She is an AFAA Certification Specialist and has taught classes and presented programs throughout the United States and also in Europe. Kim holds many Internationally recognized fitness certifications, including ACSM Health Fitness Specialist, LesMills BodyPump™, BodyStep™, and Born To Move, AFAA Group Fitness, Kickboxing, Personal Trainer, Step; ACE Group Fitness; Spinning®; CPR/AED and First Aid, and has completed advanced instructor training in BodyPump™ and BodyStep™. Kim has consistently directed Group Fitness programs on the West Coast, in the Mid-West, and on the East Coast. Kim also teaches CPR/AED and First Aid courses and is an Adjunct Professor and Academic Advisor at Holyoke Community College. Though she is an ACSM certified Health Fitness Specialist (personal trainer), her passion truly lies with Group Fitness!

Lynne Nicole Smith:

Lynne is a certified Yoga Instructor, certified Integral Qigong/Tai Chi Instructor, Certified Zumba Instructor and Journey Dance Instructor.  She worked for eight years as a Physical Education Teacher, Creative Movement Instructor for K-6 children, and Substance abuse Counselor. She teaches classes throughout the Pioneer Valley and is passionate about using movement and the healing arts to inspire, heal, and unify mind, body and spirit, creating balance and a love in life for those who regularly practice. She studied Jazz for ten years and has been a life-long athlete and field hockey player and coach. She loves animals and nature with all of her heart. Lynne, in addition to the endless health benefits of exercise, values using movement as a healing modality for physical and emotional balance and integration.


Michael Dalton:

Michael, a former Broadway dancer, is a certified Kripalu yoga teacher. He completed a 200 hour teacher training at Kripalu Yoga Center. He taught in New York City and volunteered at Kripalu Center's Karma Yoga program. This intense experience gave him powerful, effective tools for safely teaching yoga. His dance informs his yoga teaching with a deep understanding of how the body moves and stretches. 

Shaun Filiault:

Shaun was trained in BodyPump™, BodyStep™, and CXWorx™ while he lived in Australia, and has completed advanced instructor training in BodyPump™ and BodyStep™. His favorite program is BodyStep™ because of its fun, athletic format -- and especially because of all the high impact options! Shaun is currently living in Keene, New Hampshire while completing a law degree.

Spencer Hoyt:

Spencer has been exercising ever since he was five and has experience in Tae Kwon Do, Weightlifting, Boxing, Sports Conditioning, Step Aerobics, and Dancing. His primary skills involve training participants in the world famous BodyPump™ workout that combines chart topping music with simple weightlifting exercises. He loves to motivate participants to reach their fitness goals in class and will give you all you need to know to get an effective workout. No matter the class, Spence will coach you through the movements and leave you feeling confident and successful after your workout. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Athlete, Spence has a class for you. After class, be sure to join the ranks of THE STUDIO by signing his hat.

Steve Braun:

Steve has been an outdoor enthusiast all his life, with primary passions in skiing (downhill and cross country), hiking, and kayaking. He discovered BodyPump™ six years ago and has directly experienced how valuable it has been, not just for improving performance in outdoor sports, but also for strengthening the entire body so that everyday chores are easier and less likely to provoke injury. Steve is also a professional medical writer, so he understands (and enjoys sharing) the anatomy and physiology behind the many changes that are possible with regular participation in BodyPump™. He is excited about helping others improve their strength, endurance, and overall fitness.